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Origo Case Study


Origo are an Edinburgh based FinTech company.  They have offered generous employee benefits since inception in 1989.  This package is continuously reviewed and enhanced.  They added flexible benefits in 2006 and a new core benefit, critical illness cover, in 2020.  This has been valued, not just by existing employees, but also by prospective employees at interview.  Origo were processing all employee benefit choices using a manual process.  The management of the employee selections and communication of these to HR, payroll and their benefits adviser was time consuming and laborious.

The objectives

Origo were looking for a platform that would “make life easier”.  Their specific requirements were as follows:

  • Provide a platform for employees to make valid benefit selection choices
  • Communicate complete, error-free benefit selections to HR, payroll and the benefits adviser
  • Incorporate a second selection window for new employees
  • Improve the efficiency of their processes, specifically at scheme renewal
  • Promote their generous benefits more effectively
  • Improve the management of their holiday trading
  • Easily communicate with employees

The process

Origo were introduced to Lightbox Reward by their employee benefits adviser.  They suggested that an employee benefits platform would help employees fully appreciate the excellent benefits.  In addition, automated processes would free up a lot of time for the HR team.  Origo wanted their platform configured and implemented in time for the benefit selection window in March 2020.

During this time, Origo’s benefits adviser reviewed their existing benefits and added a new flexible critical illness benefit.  Lightbox Reward were in close communication with Origo and their adviser to ensure that all changes were included for launch.

Lightbox Reward configured the software to match Origo’s specific needs and applied Origo’s branding.  All the rules regarding core benefits and rules for flexible benefits were built into Lightbox Reward’s selection tool.  This was tested in a live environment with selected members of staff prior to launch.

The results

Origo now has a flexible benefits platform which gives their employees:

  • An intuitive platform for making benefit choices
  • An integrated calculator to show the cost of each benefit at the point of selection
  • A second selection window in October for new employees
  • Employee specific Total Reward Statements and Employee Value Summaries
  • Staff handbook hosted with intuitive navigation
  • Answers to FAQs and easy to access contact details
  • Staff communications, keeping them up to date with benefit news
  • Targeted communications and information

At employer level access, Origo’s new flexible benefits platform allows them to manage the employee benefits more efficiently by:

  • Adding new employees and removing leavers
  • Managing and controlling all benefit information
  • Integrating holiday trading with their flexible benefits
  • Producing benefit selection reports
  • Reducing calls from employees requesting benefits information
  • Providing a content management interface for adding and amending content


Despite delays caused by new product providers, Origo’s flexible employee benefits software, including holiday trading, was launched in time for the opening of the annual selection window.  Incorporating a flexible benefits platform into Origo’s business has reduced HR administration time at renewal by roughly 50%.

Following the successful launch of the platform, Origo are now planning to use more of the available functionality, such as the social noticeboard, peer-to-peer recognition and automated communication.  They are “looking forward” to next year’s renewal!

What Origo says

“Before we were introduced to Lightbox Reward, the operation of our Flexible Benefits Scheme was a long, tedious and laborious paper process. While the initial build of the hub took a little time and funding, it was certainly well worth the wait, and the money; the term “build once, use often” comes to mind!


The Lightbox Reward team really know their stuff. It didn’t matter what we asked for, they were up to the challenge and delivered the solution in good time. The result – Origo now has a well-oiled machine tailored to our specific requirements with the capability to be adapted to our every need. We most certainly are “looking forward” to next year’s renewal, and to making full use of the other elements of the hub in between.”


Laura J Reed
HR Manager

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