Reduce your day-to-day administration

Are you losing hours every day doing employee benefits admin? Well it’s time to get some of it back. Lightbox Reward offers simple, straightforward administration software and, if you offer flexible benefits, clear reporting making your life easier and saving you some time.

Spending too much time dealing with different benefit levels, locations and employee groups? Here’s how we can help:

  • Group your staff in ways that suit your benefit levels and organisational structure.
  • Tailor all benefits, content and communication to each employee group, ensuring that they see only the correct information and messages for them.
  • Take total control through the admin access level.

This reduces a huge manual HR (employee benefits) burden

Financial Technology Research Centre

June 2018

Constantly flicking from one spreadsheet to another trying to find that one statistic or employee? Leave it to us:

  • Get rid of the time-consuming, error-inducing spreadsheets. All management information is stored in one place and viewed at the click of a button.
  • See benefit cost breakdowns, employee numbers, and more - all updating in real time. Simply log in to your dashboard to see it all.

Struggling to input data or pull it together for benefit providers, HR or the board? We’ll do all the heavy lifting:

  • Easily key in or bulk upload data for members, salaries, benefits – whatever you want.
  • Generate reports on selected flexible benefits, remaining budgets, costs - it’s your choice.

Forever fending off diary reminders? We’ve got you covered:

  • Delete those diary reminders for the end of a new start’s probation, an employee’s birthday or marking long term service.
  • Set up automated emails for whenever and whatever you want.

Constantly dealing with employees’ benefit queries? We have all the answers:

  • Everyone can access as much information as they want on their benefits and what that means for them.
  • All the common questions that you spend time dealing with can be answered in the FAQ section of the platform.