Dispel your implementation fears

Lightbox Reward OnboardingYou may have concerns that implementing and introducing a new flexible benefits package is a big project, not to mention introducing new software alongside it. Add this on top of your everyday workload and it may seem overwhelming. Our job is to make it simple!

This is how we make the process of introducing our flexible benefits platform as easy as possible:

You decide to use Lightbox Flex to host your flexible employee benefits.

We agree with you when the platform is to go live.

We give you an onboarding guide so that you know what to expect and what we expect from you.

We give you a timeline. That way you know when to expect us to do things and when we need you to do things.

We upload a first cut of your employee data.

We upload your benefits data and the flex rules around the benefits.

We test the data to ensure that everything works as expected.

We train you in how to use the platform and create reports. Whether it’s for your HR or finance teams, benefits providers or employee benefits advisers, you’ve got all you need.

We let you test the platform to ensure that you are happy with everything.

We upload a final cut of the data and go live on the agreed date.

Your employees log in and make their benefit selections.

We support you through the benefit window selection period.

We close the window at the agreed date.

You now have flexible employee benefits on a platform that makes selecting and managing those benefits easy.
Well done!