Frequently asked questions

How do I set up my employee benefits?

We can help you no matter what stage of the process you’re at. Check out our consultancy page and onboarding guide to see what fits best for you.

How do I set up flexible employee benefits?

Lightbox can showcase any benefits, flexible or not. If you’d like to introduce flexible benefits in the future go to our Consultancy page to see how we can help you.

How do I set up a benefits package?

Setting up a benefits package can be complex and time consuming. Our consultancy and hands-on help, in whatever way you need, can help guide you through the process.

Is this an HR tool?

No. Both Lightbox and Lightbox Flex are employee benefit platforms made to streamline the administration and management of the benefits. You can also encourage employee engagement with our social noticeboard and recognition features.

Can you use Lightbox on a mobile?

Yes. Lightbox is fully responsive on any device.

Can the software produce reports?

Yes. Lightbox Flex allows easy reporting of your employees benefit selections. Our Admin page explains how we can take the pain out of producing reports. Our blog also highlights the advantages of having a benefits portal.

Can you buy benefits via the platform?

No, but check out our Consultancy page to see how we can help.

Can the platform offer discount shopping?

No, but it can host your chosen discounts provider.

Do you cater for international employees?

Yes. Lightbox and Lightbox Flex are multicurrency with an incorporated translation tool.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

No. Both Lightbox and Lightbox Flex have been designed for online benefits administration, so all you need is internet access.

Does it do salary sacrifice agreements?

Yes, our automated emails make this easy.

Is there an Admin log in?

Yes, the platform has a two-tier login. The Admin level allows you to view, manage and report on all of your company’s benefits. The Employee level allows employees access to all core benefit information and, if you offer flexible benefits, make their benefit selections.

Is it easy to approve wellness requests?

Yes, all at the click of a button! Automated emails are set up to notify you when a request comes through. The employee receives an email when you have approved the request. Check out Wellness for more info.

Can I have my software branded?

Yes. Our software can be fully branded with your logo and corporate colours.

Can our employees select their own benefits?

Yes, this is employee self-service software.

Can I send one-off emails to employees, or is it only for groups and automated email?

Yes, you can send one-off emails to as many of your employees as you’d like. You can also save the email in case you need it again.

Where are your servers based?

Our servers are based in London. Check out our small print for more info.

Can you incorporate our cycle-to-work scheme?

Yes. We can incorporate cycle-to-work schemes as part of your flexible benefits package or as a stand-alone request system.

Can you incorporate core and flexible benefits?

Yes. Lightbox Flex showcases both traditional core benefits and flexible benefits.

Can we put our existing benefits onto the platform?

Yes. Both Lightbox and Lightbox Flex can showcase any existing benefits you already have. You don’t have to set up new ones to use our platform.

Do you include training and support?

Of course! Here at Lightbox Reward we believe in giving you and your employees as much help as you need. Check out our training and support page for more info.

We are a partnership; can partners be added onto the platform?

Yes. Regardless of employment status, everyone who has benefits can be added.

Will employees all see the same content?

No. Different benefit levels are only revealed to the relevant groups. You decide how employees are grouped, and what content they see.