Bin those spreadsheets!

Everyone is different and individuality is valued and respected in today’s workplace.  This means that the old idea of offering fixed benefits to employees no longer works. More and more employers are offering flexible benefits but many of them are doing it the hard way by using spreadsheets. This is time consuming, error inducing and boring at the best of times.  In these ‘lockdown’ days, if you’re trying to do this at home on a laptop it’s even worse.

There is a better way!

A flexible benefits platform will make light work of benefit selections for your staff. Easy reporting at the end of the selection period will give you the data you need for the benefit providers and your finance department.

Think of the saved hours!

A good platform gives your staff all the information they need to make informed selections and makes it impossible for them to make invalid ones. And you no longer have to worry about the formulae on your spreadsheets.

Imagine flexible benefits without errors!

When humans do things machines can do better they get bored and frustrated.  A good flexible benefits platform can remove the boredom, frustration and errors from your flexible benefits.  Spreadsheets have their place but that’s not in running flexible benefits for your staff. 

Bin those spreadsheets!