Lightbox Attract

Helps you recruit the best talent!

Are you having problems attracting the right people to work in your business? In some sectors it’s an employee’s market right now, with employers finding that they have to work hard to attract the best candidates for their vacancies. You have to offer a competitive salary, of course, but so does every other company in your sector. How can you make your company more attractive than the rest?

You want to let your candidates know that your company is a good place to work with excellent employee benefits and a great culture but trying to communicate that can be difficult. There is too much to say if you try to describe it all in an email or attachment and, even if you succeed, will the candidate read it all and really get the message?

We can help you meet this challenge. Lightbox Attract will give candidates a window into your company. It will showcase all of the ‘plus’ aspects of working for you and show candidates why they will love being part of your team. Candidates will easily see that you are a company that stands out from the crowd.

Make light work of your recruitment with Lightbox Attract!

"Ensures candidates have all relevant info on their salary and benefits package before making a decision about the offer."

HR Administrator

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