Lightbox Flex

Employee self-service software to make your flexible benefits pain free

Lightbox Flex offers fully customisable benefits selection software that is as flexible as your benefits package. You get all of the wonderful functionality that Lightbox has to offer, plus a lot more.

Let Lightbox take the pain out of maintaining, managing and reporting flexible benefits. Offer your employees the information, choice and accessibility they need to select their benefits in a clear, straightforward way.

You have time-saving management of your flexible benefits by:

  • Allowing employees to select benefits against their personal budget or by deduction from salary
  • Having benefit selection rules programmed into your platform
  • Eliminating invalid employee selections
  • Controlling when, and for how long, your flexible selection window is open
  • Creating both standard and customised reports for your payroll and finance departments, and your benefit providers or advisers
  • Approving and rejecting benefit selections easily

“Intuitive and easy to use flexible benefit software!”

Employee Benefits Executive

June 2020


Your employees have easy control over their benefits by:

  • Accessing extensive benefit information
  • Making informed benefit selections
  • Using an intuitive and interactive interface
  • Clearly understanding the cost of each benefit
  • Accessing real time calculations which show the impact of their benefit selections
  • Selecting insured benefits, pension contributions and health related benefits
  • Requesting learning and development opportunities and wellness activities

As well as all of the traditional employee benefits, you can also offer other benefits by using our additional features.