Why us

Our experience and values

Lightbox Reward is a small company based in Edinburgh. Within our team we have many years of experience in the fields of Employee Benefits, Software Development and Client Service. Here at Lightbox Reward we’ve had a strong client focus since the very beginning. We created Lightbox at a time when employee benefits platforms were “clunky”, unfriendly and expensive. We set out to develop employee benefits software that was intuitive and affordable, and, over the years, we’ve continued with this philosophy as we’ve expanded our software range.

What makes us, us!

We care about how we do things and, in particular, we care about:

  • Treating you with integrity and respect
  • Making onboarding easy for you
  • Continuing to offer employee benefit software that is intuitive and affordable
  • Giving you clear pricing with no hidden costs
  • Ensuring that you have all the help you need so that you feel completely supported at all times
  • Listening to your good ideas and incorporating them in our enhancement program
  • Communicating with you in a professional, friendly, jargon-free manner
  • Applying all of our energy and creativity to bringing you excellence

If this is the way you like to be treated, you'll love working with us!