Case study



Lundbeck is a medium sized pharmaceutical company with a Head Office in Copenhagen and a predominantly sales focused workforce in the UK.  Approximately 90% of their UK employees work remotely.  They offer a generous employee benefits package with scope for employees to increase their pension contributions and make choices about their dental and private medical insurances.  Lundbeck also offer a wellness budget to their employees. They had concerns around the communication and accessibility of their benefits and employee engagement.

The Objectives

Lundbeck were looking for a platform to increase engagement with their benefits and to manage employee selections for both their wellness budget and voluntary benefits.  Their specific requirements were as follows:

  • Store benefit information in one, easy to use, platform
  • Give each employee a personalised, online Total Reward Statement
  • Manage the insurance opt-out and pension selections
  • Allow employees to manage their wellness budgets
  • Automate the communication of benefits following a waiting period
  • Enhance their benefit communications to employees
  • Reduce the time HR spent dealing with benefit enquiries

The process

Lundbeck contacted Lightbox Reward in late 2018 and, after discounting two other platforms, selected the Lightbox software in January 2019.  They were attracted to the fact that Lightbox could provide a simple to use solution that met all their requirements for their UK employees.

Whilst there was no hard deadline for implementation, Lundbeck’s HR Director was keen to implement their new software as quickly as possible to reduce the administration workload and save time.

Lightbox Reward configured the software to match Lundbeck’s specific needs and applied their branding.  All benefit information was added to the platform and the voluntary benefits made available to their employees for selection at any time.  Wellness requests were also categorised and stored for employees to select.  To further reduce HR workload, several automatic emails were set up at employment anniversaries to communicate key benefit enhancements direct to employees.

The Results

Lundbeck now has a flexible benefits platform which gives their UK employees:

  • A mobile-friendly platform for employees to learn about their benefits
  • A simple benefit selection tool available for use at any time
  • The ability to manage their wellness budget
  • Automated communication at employment anniversaries
  • Employee specific Total Reward Statements and Employee Value Summaries
  • Answers to FAQs and easy to access contact details
  • Staff communications, keeping them up to date with benefit news

At employer level access, Lundbeck’s new benefits platform allows them to manage the employee benefits more efficiently by:

  • Keeping employee data up to date
  • Simplifying their benefit communications
  • Giving control over the approval of new wellness expenditure
  • Automating regular communications at employment anniversaries
  • Saving time dealing with employee benefit enquiries
  • Providing an easy to use interface for adding and amending content
  • Using reporting functionality for recording benefit selections


Lundbeck have experienced a high level of employee engagement with their benefits generally and their wellness requests in particular.  In addition, by automating their benefits communication and management, Lundbeck are saving approximately four hours of admin time every week.

What Lundbeck says
“Lightbox has given us an easily accessible platform where all our benefits can be found, changed and updated in one place.  It has taken away a large admin burden from HR and has streamlined our processes.  It’s user friendly and simple to use.  Whenever there are queries or updates needed, the support we receive from Lightbox is always quick and helpful.”


Caroline Miles

HR Director