Employee Engagement and the Christmas Spirit


Interest in employee engagement has been on the rise in recent years but what happens during the festive period?  It should be a priority at this time of year; instead the opposite is true.  Just look at this Google Trends graph showing the frequency that “employee engagement” is searched for.  Yes, those regular troughs are in December every year.


Google trends graph showing interest in ‘Employee Engagement’ over 5 years


Interestingly New Year is when people are most likely to search for a new job.  Here is another Google Trends graph for the keyword search “New Job”.

Google trends graph showing interest in ‘New Job’ over 5 years


If your employees tend to search for a new job in the New Year, you can tackle this by prioritising employee engagement towards the end of the year and keeping your employees close.  If retention is a priority in your business you need to be ahead of the game and it starts now.  February will be too late.

Here are some suggestions for initiatives you can plan to implement in the New Year when everyone needs a boost.  Perhaps even announce these on the first working day of the year when everyone is feeling low on energy.

Whatever your plans, we would love to hear about them. Come and chat to us.

Merry Christmas and wishing you a prosperous 2018.