HR Network Conference – May 2018

Another first for Lightbox Reward | 9 MAY 2018

Considering we were there to promote Lightbox, our next generation employee benefits platform, we were given a boost on the first night.  Sandy Begbie, Group People & Operations Director at Standard Life, highlighted technology as one of the main drivers of change in HR in his opening night interview.  When the keynote speaker, Tim Dew, of Games Without Frontiers, then went on to comment on the dangers of technology damaging inter-personal relationships, it started to look like we had written the scripts.

There was of course no conspiracy but neither was it a coincidence.  Lightbox Reward, with our platform Lightbox, aims to improve communications in the workplace and bring people closer to both the company they work for and their colleagues.  We have seen a demand for this approach and the HR thought-leaders at this event have seen the same opportunity.

Then the fun began.  Our stand attracted a lot of attention, maybe our dramatic colour scheme had something to do with this, or maybe it was the t-shirts.  Nevertheless, the feedback on our simple to use flex tool, Lightbox Flex was overwhelmingly positive.  Where possible we wanted to have fun with the delegates while showing them how easy it can be to manage a flex scheme.  After all, we want our customers to have the same friendly, professional, caring and forward-thinking experience as we would.

After the anticipation of the build-up, the panic of the day before and the bustle of the day itself.  Would we do it again?

Absolutely – see you next year HR Network Conference.